Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waivers – Undergraduate/Graduate Students

  • All tuition waivers only waive the tuition for each semester,
  • The student is responsible for any fees remaining for each semester,
  • Tuition waivers are only valid during Fall & Spring semesters (except for the CT Combat Veteran Tuition & National Guard Waivers),
  • Tuition waivers are only valid towards degree seeking programs.
  • Tuition waiver may effect financial aid package.

National Guard Waiver

The National Guard must send approved notification to the student’s home campus- VA certifying official.

Dependent, Employee, or Spousal Tuition Waivers

For eligible UConn employees, a waiver of tuition is extended to dependent children or a spouse who are matriculated and enrolled undergraduate students at UConn. These waivers apply to the Fall and Spring semesters only. Please remember the tuition waiver only applies towards the tuition. The student remains responsible for any mandatory fees and non-tuition charges. Employees are required to complete the on-line Tuition Waiver request on a per semester basis. Please use the link provided for more information:

CT Combat Tuition Veterans Waiver

Student veterans may be eligible for this tuition waiver.  The application must be completed with their home campus representative.

Connecticut Veterans Tuition Waiver Application

For further information please email:

Senior Citizen Waiver

This waiver pertains to any person sixty-two (62) years of age or older who has been accepted for admission, provided this person is enrolled in a degree-granting program or, provided, at the end of the regular registration period, there is space available in the course in which the person intends to enroll. Students must notify the Bursar’s Office if they are over 62 years of age and a Connecticut resident. If any person who receives a tuition waiver also receives educational reimbursement from an employer, the waiver is reduced by the amount of the educational reimbursement.

September 11th Tuition Waiver

The State of Connecticut has passed an act (Public Act 02-126) which grants a tuition waiver for those residents of the state of Connecticut who are either dependents or spouses of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The student must complete a waiver application at the Office of Student Financial Aid. The form can be completed in person, via fax or mail. The Financial Aid office will then forward this information to the Bursar Office. The waiver will be applied to the student’s account. Any questions regarding eligibility for the tuition waiver should be referred to the Office of Student Financial Aid at (860) 486-2819.

For additional details of this program, please contact